Wednesday, July 8, 2009 about election...

I’ve just watched tv and found him at third rank..
I am a bit sad actually L

Well, I’m not paid to write this note and it’s just a reflection on my mind..
When suddenly it said..
“Yes..i can choose the common choices if I WANT..
Who are kind, clean, polite and favourite,etc.…
The simplest way to choose…”

“But why I support the 3 number is coz……
I think Indonesia is already left behind..
We need an extraordinary president to move forward..
Brilliant ide..think out of box, brave and straight to the point is what I found when I watch his campaign..

Nope nope..
I don’t mean to hurt everyone by this note..
I believe that Indonesia is now getting better…
All of the candidate are goods and competent..
But among these all I want just to pick up the best (in my opinion)”

I don’t have any more idea…
Well…Go Indonesia!!!