Monday, May 4, 2009

“The Development Process of My Self Concept”

No one could deny how important the self concept is in our daily life. In order to communicate properly with social, people need to have a positive self concept. Self concept includes the language and gesture that we use daily in our lives. People with a positive self concept will find it easier to interact with others than the negative one.

If I was asked who has influenced me the most in developing self concept, I will directly answer that it’s my family. Since I was a kid, my parents have distributed a lot of advice to communicate and react in certain situation. They always encourage me to present a figure of a calm and nice person. The language and gesture that I reflect now is the result of the self concept that they have been advising me since I was a kid.

As I grow up in eastern culture, politeness is so important. I have to obey the principal things that are regulated in the eastern culture. I have to behave friendly and polite as a Javanese people. That reflects also to the language and gesture that I present when I am communicating with others.

However, as what has been described in Mead’s theory that individual and self arise out of social interaction, I found it also during the self concept development process. Interaction with relatives, friends and social influence me in developing the self concept. Here the role of my family is quite important, they help me in sorting which is the right thing to be followed or not.
Besides I also learn the self concept from media such as book, television, radio and internet. Experts teach us how to use our language and gesture in order to get a proper reaction. They give us also the direction to play our roles properly.

In my real life I have many roles such as a daughter, sister and student. I always try to play my role the best as I can. I have to adjust and control my language and gesture in order to play the role properly. In my family, as a daughter and sister I have to do several tasks. I have to obey my parent’s rules to be at home before ten o’clock. On the other when I play the role as a student, I have to adjust the gesture and language that compatible with the role.

In conclusion I do realize the importance of self concept in interacting with many people. Awareness of the language and gesture that we use to communicate with various people is also critical. We have to adjust and to manage it well to be successfully interacted with other people. There will be no end for me to study about the gesture and language in communicating.

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