Sunday, May 24, 2009

“The Murder of Indonesian Human Right Activist”

The case of the murder of Indonesian human right activist, Munir, stirred up Indonesian and international public in 2004. Munir has been killed through a well planned strategy during his flight from Singapore to Amsterdam by using arsenic poison. Tragically after 5 years of investigation leaded by a special fact finding team, but still the actor behind the murder has not been revealed.

Until now, the strongest indication of the murder of Munir was because he wanted to report a human right case that was done by Indonesian intelligent official to corporate body in Holland. The intelligent official decided to kill him in order to prevent the presence of Munir in Holland that would make him easier in coordinating with the Holland investigator to reveal the human rights violation case in Indonesia.

During the investigation process, there were some odds of the law process. For instance is when Muchdi (ex intelligent official chef) was proven did several contact with Pollycarpus which become the suspect of the murder. However, he was stated not guilty and free form charges.

In my opinion, the murder case of Munir is a high and well prepared conspiracy. Involvement of Indonesian intelligent has made this case become harder to reveal. However, how hard the case it is, Indonesian government should continue to resolve the case considering the sensitivity of this case towards the justice practice in Indonesia.

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