Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my favourite quote...

“Yesterday Is a History, Tomorrow Is a Mystery, Today Is a Gift, That’s Why We Call It Present”

Everybody realize that times always run out. We cannot turn back, pause and forward the times. However, although they know the concept of time it doesn’t mean that they could take the meaning of the concept. There are still many people that just waste their time or use it ineffectively.

The point of this quote is about cherishing every moment in our lives. Most people often do not live in present. They tend to regret their past or even too much worry about the future. They have forgotten to enjoy the real moment which is present.

The conclusion of this quote is to realize people for enjoying every time of their lives. We should do our best every time and for everyone as we don’t know when we will die. To be live and have a chance to live is like the greatest gift that we get from God.

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